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A Developer with Experience

CSI Technology Group (CSI), located in Keasbey (Raritan Center), has matured since its inception in 1990 into a successful software development and service provider. In 1997 CSI introduced our flagship product, the Intranet-based solution, InfoShare™, to our first client, the Prosecutor's Office in Atlantic County, NJ. CSI employed the latest browser-based technology to help Atlantic County prosecutors manage their cases and legal documents.

CSI - "Cutting Edge" Technology Solutions

CSI has always been on the cutting edge of technology. Since 1999, when we developed the innovative, rules-based ASPsoft, which provided the infrastructure and user interface for the InfoShare™ application, making our products extremely customizable and easy to use. CSI continues to embrace the latest trends with on-going, aggressive research and development, now delivering our case management systems on a .Net platform and providing mobile interfaces and cloud-based technology. Solutions for electronic filing and computer-aided dispatch with smart device integration are just some of the current offerings that showcase our innovative, yet technically sound, advances to support our government and public safety customers.

CSI - Poised for Leadership

CSI is the leader in providing software solutions to law enforcement and public agencies in New Jersey, our home state, and we are fast becoming recognized in other areas as providers of premier software for the public safety, judiciary and regulatory arena.

As our Mission Statement says, we will continue to evolve with innovation and refinement built on research and experience. Our technical and client services teams are working together to provide existing and future clients with world-class applications. We are ready to be the most recognized provider of software for e-Government, revolutionizing services provided to the public.

William Yeh
President & C.E.O

Rich Norcross
Executive Vice President

Joe Britt
Senior Vice President, Business Administration


Josh Ottenberg
Director - State Agency Projects & Products

Michael Trahey
Director - Sales

Peter Ugalde
Director - CAD / RMS Projects & Products


Frank Clayton
Account Management Team

John P. Denmark
Account Management Team

Dave Palmer
Account Management Team

Gerald Dezenzo
Account Management Team

James Parent
Account Management Team

John Emmerson-Bolt
Account Management Team

Chinkuei Kuo
Account Management Team

Demetria Hall
Account Management Team

Kimberly Petty
Account Management Team

Matthew Edwards
Account Management Team

Steven J. LaPorta
Account Management Team

Russell D. Christiana
Account Management Team

John A. Porter
Account Management Team

Tom Kenny
Account Management Team

Konrad Wagner
Account Management Team


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